Kota Baru Parahyangan Al-Irsyad Mosque Customized Block

1-mesjid3The architecture of the Kota Baru Parahyangan Al-Irsyad mosque is unique in that it uses stacked stones who had produced customized by CISANGKAN as the main façade to create tectonic effect, while embedding Islamic text/calligraphy on the façade as a graphic element and reminder prayer.

The tall pole-like structure next to the square building form is called the minaret, an important element for mosque. It was used in the past for someone to call out to all Muslims to prayer on top of the minaret whenever prayer time has come. Today, the minaret still serves the same function, except loudspeakers a– used instead. In a way, the minaret has become an icon of mosques; anyone searching for a mosque can one from afar.

With a capacity to accommodate approximately 1,000 people, the mosque is also designed to ‘blend in’ with nature. The ‘CISANGKAN’ stacked stones allow for natural ventilation without the need for air-conditioning.

In 2010, Al-Irsyad Mosque is nominated Best Building of The Year 2010 from ArchDaily.