Replica Stones


Available in various shape and sizes. Each type has a natural look and perfect for any architectural building. You can download our brochure here.

Stile Stones

Stile Stone is a replica stone with a motive of concrete colored mixture with rough texture and variated size.

Grooved Stones

Grooved Stones is a stone that has horizontal lines pattern with a large and flat line spacing. Grooved Stones come in two patterns

Grooved A

Reguler (USB)

Rounded (SB)

Rounded (SB)

Bali Stones

Bali Stones  is famous for its textures like fabric and wavy sea water, so its widely used by local people to decorate their garden.

Strip Stones

Vertical stripe pattern with a variety of colors that give the minimalist impression

Folk Stones

Folk Stones is a rough and strong textured replica stones